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Boden House

Positive regard and practical support

At Boden House in Long Eaton, we offer supported living services for those with mental illness or mild learning difficulties (LD). Clients enjoy a high quality, fully equipped residential environment with a reassuring atmosphere of encouragement and positive regard; they benefit from practical support delivered by our experienced, professional staff, who foster semi-independent living through supervision and assistance with key life-skills.
Our service delivery is based on Care plan and Outcome measures, which are subject to regular review, risk assessment and liaison with the client’s Care Coordinator, while engagement with our service users is shaped by a clear recovery plan, focused on achieving ultimate autonomy and independence.

Suitable accommodation for vulnerable people in a purpose-built complex, where professional support may be accessed when needed, between 9am and 9pm, the facility includes:
  • 25 one-bedroom apartments
  • Communal lounge
  • Staff office
  • Landscaped gardens and outdoor communal area

A fully-equipped Skills & Enablement Facility

Offers supervised skills training, aimed at developing and maintaining basic living and social skills. This facilitates successful community living and individual autonomy, whilst reducing potential for illness relapse.

Although located on the same site, the Skills & Enablement Centre is separate from the Supported Living accommodation, which means that privacy is assured for service users as staff do not need to access service users’ residence, unless specially required. Thus, boundaries are maintained in resident-staff relationships.

Supported Living residents have a safe and comfortable meeting point to enjoy social and recreational activities away from the residential buildingPrivacy is assured for service users, but this facility creates a positive space, away from the main residential area, where clients can meet socially and engage in recreational activities.
What are people saying
I have had the opportunity to work alongside Chilwell house rehabilitation unit in my role as lead nurse within the Early Intervention team.

The team supported a careplan to allow for one of my clients to discharge from hospital after a lengthy admission. Over time they made efforts to not only support the transfer but also to set and review moving on goals. This enabled my client to shift from being somewhat inactive and lacking any plan or structure to his day to having positive thoughts about moving on with his life.
It is reassuring to find a rehabilitation enterprise that has a ‘moving on’ focus rather than a stagnant and outdated way of providing only a care home facility.  In my experience staff at Chilwell House are proactive with their plan of care and work in the best interests of their residents. This facility is an ideal stepping stone for people wanting to reintegrate into the local community.