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Our Services:

Consultancy on all matters arising from mental health

At Aspire, we also offer a range of private and professional consultancy services, including:

Psychiatric consultation, assessment and treatment for individual patients
Medico-legal services - expert psychiatric assessment and reports for criminal cases, insurers and CICA (Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority)
What are people saying
The homely yet supportive environment at Chilwell House allows for clients to learn to be considerate of others and respectful of others within the home environment.
It is reassuring to find a rehabilitation enterprise that has a ‘moving on’ focus rather than a stagnant and outdated way of providing only a care home facility.  In my experience staff at Chilwell House are proactive with their plan of care and work in the best interests of their residents. This facility is an ideal stepping stone for people wanting to reintegrate into the local community.