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Our Services:

We have a range of residential and respite care facilities, with more under construction and in planning stages.

Our process for young persons 16-18 years & Adults 18-65 years


We offer different levels of support, depending on the needs of each individual service user, whether short-term emergency intervention, residential recovery and rehabilitation, or long term support for those with chronic or severe conditions.

We use PCP (Person Centred Planning) processes to help service users plan their lives now and in the future. This is instantly more empowering than having a care plan imposed on you and is the beginning of enabling people to take charge of their lives and achieve their potential.


Those eligible for admission to our residential recovery and rehabilitation centre at Chilwell House, will already have a care coordinator. They are likely to have been suffering with enduring mental illness, characterised by frequent relapses and re-admissions to hospital.

First we will ensure that a potential resident has the cognitive and emotional capacity to manage with limited direct supervision in an open environment, without putting themselves or others at risk. We will also ascertain their willingness to participate in a residential recovery programme.

Once these criteria are confirmed, our multi-disciplinary team will conduct a holistic assessment of needs, through observations, interviews and self-assessment. This encompasses a range of areas, including mental health and physical well-being, personal and spiritual needs, self-care and basic living skills, motivation, interests and goals, interpersonal abilities and any social or legal issues.

Recovery Plan

In addition to providing therapeutic services and undertaking psycho-educational and relapse prevention work, we encourage residents to take part in socially inclusive activities within the facility and in the community, helping rebuild confidence and re-equipping them with the necessary life skills.
Therapies and activities available include:
  • Drama and Art Therapy
  • Relaxation Therapy
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Meal planning and preparation
  • Basic computer skills
  • Gardening
  • Budgeting

Long term residential care

We offer long term residential care to adults age 18-65 with mental health problems, who are unable to live at their own home, even with support, and are also unlikely to benefit from our rehabilitation program towards supported or independent living in the community.
What are people saying
I have had the opportunity to work alongside Chilwell house rehabilitation unit in my role as lead nurse within the Early Intervention team.

The team supported a careplan to allow for one of my clients to discharge from hospital after a lengthy admission. Over time they made efforts to not only support the transfer but also to set and review moving on goals. This enabled my client to shift from being somewhat inactive and lacking any plan or structure to his day to having positive thoughts about moving on with his life.
The staff at Chilwell House are passionate about their work, helping clients on the road to recovery. As parents, we consider ourselves very lucky that our daughter has been given this chance to regain her life back, thanks to the valuable support the team have given her.