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Our Services:

Learning Disability Residential and Respite Care

We can offer our community service users (aged 18+) emergency admission into our Residential Rehabilitation Centre for short-term intensive treatment.

Residential care

We offer long term residential care to adults age 18-65 with mental health problems, who are unable to live at their own home, even with support, and are also unlikely to benefit from our rehabilitation program towards supported or independent living in the community.

Respite care

We provide respite care for clients who live  in their own homes, during holiday or sick leave absence when carers or personal assistants are away. This service can be provided at the client's home or as Residential Respite Care at our Residential Rehabilitation Centre.
What are people saying
It is reassuring to find a rehabilitation enterprise that has a ‘moving on’ focus rather than a stagnant and outdated way of providing only a care home facility.  In my experience staff at Chilwell House are proactive with their plan of care and work in the best interests of their residents. This facility is an ideal stepping stone for people wanting to reintegrate into the local community.
I have 20 years’ experience in mental health and currently have 3 people on placement with Aspire.

I have worked with Aspire for over 2 years and have found their service to be of the highest quality and the people who are resident with them  have excellent care plans and are well looked after.