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Our Services:

Learning Disability Residential and Respite Care

We can offer our community service users (aged 18+) emergency admission into our Residential Rehabilitation Centre for short-term intensive treatment.

Residential care

We offer long term residential care to adults age 18-65 with mental health problems, who are unable to live at their own home, even with support, and are also unlikely to benefit from our rehabilitation program towards supported or independent living in the community.

Respite care

We provide respite care for clients who live  in their own homes, during holiday or sick leave absence when carers or personal assistants are away. This service can be provided at the client's home or as Residential Respite Care at our Residential Rehabilitation Centre.
What are people saying
The staff at Chilwell House are passionate about their work, helping clients on the road to recovery. As parents, we consider ourselves very lucky that our daughter has been given this chance to regain her life back, thanks to the valuable support the team have given her.
Our daughter to moved to Chilwell House and after only a few weeks we could see a big difference in her. We would highly recommend anyone seeking rehabilitation for a relative to apply for a place here. The staff are kind and friendly, the rooms newly refurbished and welcoming, and the location is close to town and all amenities.