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Believe in Better

Innovative Care That Lights The Way To A Brighter Future

At Aspire we believe in having the room to grow and dream...

Our Introduction

Professional Care That You Can Trust

At Aspire Health & Care we believe in better care, better service and better outcomes for our service users.

We take a fully evidence-based, person-centered, holistic approach to promote recovery and independence, placing individual needs at the heart of our services.

Our purpose at Aspire Health and Care is to help individuals reclaim their lives, feel valuable and focus on being part of a community to which they can contribute towards.


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24 Hour Care

Safe & Comfortable Care For Sustained Recovery'

Our residential programmes integrate psychiatric & therapeutic intervention and life skills training to support sustained recovery, providing individuals with practical coping strategies to manage their mental health going forward, ultimately giving the individual the confidence and skills to be able to live as independently as possible.

Our Exceptional Homes

Where Comfort & Care Come Together

Our homes are purpose built to provide calm and spacious environments which promote positive behaviours and encourage recovery, rehabilitation and a transition back into the community.


Value for Life

We Provide Total Mental Healthcare Solutions

Our service user profile:

Primary diagnosis of mental illness

Typical diagnoses include schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, bipolar affective disorder, anxiety, depression.

Personality Disorders

May have secondary diagnoses of mild learning disability, autism spectrum disorder

May be stepping down from secure services and/or have a forensic history

Aiming to return to the community or to community based care e.g. supported living


Our Testimonials

What They Say About Us

"It is reassuring to find a rehabilitation enterprise that has a ‘moving on’ focus rather than a stagnant and outdated way of providing only a care home facility.  In my experience staff at Chilwell House are proactive with their plan of care and work in the best interests of their residents. This facility is an ideal stepping stone for people wanting to reintegrate into the local community."

Who We Work With

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